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Certificates of Confidentiality for Other HHS Funded Research (non-NIH)

Several non-NIH HHS agencies, including CDC, FDA, HRSA, and SAMHSA, issue Certificates of Confidentiality (CoCs). If your research is funded by one of these agencies or is operating under the authority of the FDA, please contact the Certificate Coordinators at the funding agency to determine how to obtain a CoC.   

If your research is funded by an HHS agency other than NIH, CDC, FDA, HRSA or SAMHSA, that do not issue CoCs Health-related research you may request a Certificate of Confidentiality for specific health-related projects using sensitive, identifiable information, using the NIH online application system. NIH issues CoCs on behalf of these agencies.

Please direct your CoC request to the NIH Institute or Center (IC) that supports similar research.  Please verify that you have the correct NIH IC with the appropriate IC coordinator before submitting an application. If you are unsure about which IC is most appropriate for your research topic, you may contact the NIH Central Coordinator at

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