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Certificates of Confidentiality for Research Funded by Non-HHS Federal Agencies

If your research is funded by a non-HHS Federal Agency other than HHS, you may request a Certificate of Confidentiality for a specific project that involves sensitive, identifiable information, using the NIH online application system. Issuance of a CoC is at the discretion of NIH.                                                                                                                                                                

Is my research study eligible for a CoC from NIH?
Certificates of confidentiality are only issued for research projects that are:

  • Collecting or using identifiable, sensitive information (see below for more detail)
  • On a topic that is within the HHS health related research mission
  • Storing the research information collected or used in the US

   Research in which identifiable, sensitive information is collected or used, including research that

  • Meets the definition of human subjects research, including exempt research in which subjects can be identified
  • Is collecting or using human biospecimens that are identifiable or that have a risk of being identifiable
  • Involves the generation of individual level human genomic data
  • Involves any other information that might identify a person

CoC Resources for Studies funded by Other Federal Departments or Agencies

The NIH has issued the following guidance, FAQs and resources for CoCs.

Have a CoC Question?

Please direct additional questions to: NIH Office of Extramural Research:

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