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Need to Extend or Amend an Existing Certificate of Confidentiality?

To extend or amend an existing Certificate, contact the issuing agency or NIH Institute or Center (IC)

Extensions Should be requested if your research project will extend beyond the current expiration date on your Certificate.  Please request extensions at least 3 months prior to the Certificate's expiration date and include the reason for the extension in your request (for example, we are continuing to enroll new subjects).

NOTE: if your study has completed all enrollment and data collection, there is no need to extend the Certificate.  Identifiable research information maintained by investigators during any time a Certificate is in effect, is protected permanently.
Amendments If there is a SIGNIFICANT change in your project after the Certificate has been issued, you should request an Amendment to your Certificate.  This includes such changes as a major change in the scientific scope of the project, changes in the PI, or in the drugs to be administered.  
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