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Certificates of Confidentiality for Non-Federally Funded Research

Health-related research that is not federally funded in which identifiable, sensitive information is collected or used, may request a Certificate of Confidentiality (CoC) for specific projects using the online application system. Learn more about CoCs for non- Federally funded research.

CoC requests through the online system must be directed to the NIH Institute or Center (IC) that supports similar research.  However, please verify this with the appropriate IC coordinator before submitting an application. If you are unsure about which IC is most appropriate for your research topic, you may contact the NIH Central Coordinator at Please be aware that Issuance of a CoC for non-federally-funded research continues to be at the discretion of NIH.

Is my research study eligible for a CoC from NIH?                                                                                                                                              
Certificates of confidentiality are only issued for research projects that are:

  • Collecting or using identifiable, sensitive information (see below for more detail)
  • On a topic that is within the HHS health related research mission
  • Storing the research information collected or used in the US

   Research in which identifiable, sensitive information is collected or used, including research that                                                               

  • Meets the definition of human subjects research, including exempt research in which subjects can be identified
  • Is collecting or using human biospecimens that are identifiable or that have a risk of being identifiable
  • Involves the generation of individual level human genomic data
  • Involves any other information that might identify a person

CoC Resources for Non-federally Funded Research

Have a CoC Question?
Please direct additional questions to: NIH Office of Extramural Research:

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