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Inclusion - Grants Closeout and Inclusion FAQ


Per the Final Progress Report instructions, investigators should provide:

  1. Updated inclusion enrollment within the final progress report. This means that investigators should provide updated inclusion enrollment report(s) for any studies conducted within the project period (or the current competitive segment for renewal grants).
  2. If appropriate, indicate whether children were involved in the study or how the study was relevant for conditions affecting children.

Currently, the Inclusion Management System (IMS) is not designed to accommodate submission of inclusion enrollment data as part of the closeout process. We anticipate providing this capability in the future. Until then, please see the Final Progress Report instructions as well as the following questions in this FAQ for guidance on how to provide this information.

Report on the final inclusion enrollment data for study subjects based on sex/gender, race, and ethnicity using the Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report. If the Final Progress Report will be uploaded through the Commons, all documents must be combined into a single pdf including the Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report(s).

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